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A Person of Interest

A ‘person of interest’ usually refers to a person who is wanted for questioning in relation to criminal activity.

In this case, ‘a person of interest’ means someone that is of interest to the writer and was wanted for questioning in relation to having manifested a desire.

Author Agnes Vivarelli compiled stories from people of different walks in life who inspired her in times of trial and tribulations. A Person of Interest will tell you how long it took these persons of interest to manifest their dream and also to stir you to use the law of attraction and visualisation in your own life.

It is the author’s hope that you will be inspired by these tales and will get to understand more about this thing called life.



Emerald City

Emerald City houses 31 stories of individuals that really wanted something, such as a soul mate relationship, a trip, a dream job, a specific house, a million dollars etc. These true stories give a detailed account of how each was achieved and the time frame it took to do so. Each person in this book used the Law of Attraction. Some also used the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and Neville Goddard.